Common Food And Diet Myths

When it comes to food and diet, most people usually follow what they thought is common knowledge. But the truth is, some of them can actually be just myths instead of being the actual facts. Here are some of the more common food and diet myths that people should be aware about.

Myth 1: Low Fat is healthy.

One of the more common myths that most people has been led to believe is that fat is generally bad for you. That is why there is this fad of eating low fat and that of it being the healthier choice. But this is not necessarily the case all of the time. There are different types of fats and not all of them are bad for you. Monounsaturated fat found in olive oil, avocadoes and nuts are considered as healthy fat and helps in keeping the heart healthy, keep cholesterol levels low and can actually aid in weight loss.

But more than that, there are also certain low fat products in the market that may not also be considered as healthy after all. Some of these products may be presented as a healthy choice because they are low in fat. But some of them can also contain other unhealthy ingredients such as salt, sugar and other additives. Before you consider going on a low fat diet, just make sure that you are only trying to get rid of the unhealthy fat types in your diet. You might also need to check on those low fat products more closely to see if they are really a healthy choice for you.

Myth 2: You don’t get enough protein in a vegetarian diet.

Protein is considered as an essential nutrient that the body needs in order to function. Not having sufficient daily amounts of it can affect the body in general. And with vegetarian diets considered as a healthy choice, there are many who may decide not to follow this route by believing in the myth that vegetarian diets usually lack in sufficient protein.

One main reason why vegetarian diets are considered as insufficiently lacking in protein may be due to the fact that the main source of protein in the usual diet of people comes from meat. By trying to do away with meat, having insufficient sources of protein would likely follow, especially for those who follow to go all out vegetarian. But the fact is, there are many sources of protein that can come from vegetables and grains. In addition, vegetable sourced protein has an added benefit of being free from unhealthy saturated fats that are usually found in most meats.

Myth 3: Breakfast cereals are healthy.

While it may seem like a healthy choice for a breakfast meal, especially for kids, eating cereals may be considered far from healthy if talking about those packaged breakfast cereals found in the market. Processed breakfast cereals may be fortified with vitamins and minerals to make them seem a healthy choice, there are also other things to consider. Most of these packaged breakfast cereals usually contain more salt, sugar and fat that may considered be unhealthy. What’s worse, packaged cereals targeted for kids are also known to contain more sugar content per serving that may even be considered as healthy. If one has to choose to eat cereals for breakfast, a healthier choice would be getting the natural varieties such as natural oats, sugar free muesli or whole grain bread.
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