Reasons People Cheat On Their Diet

shutterstock_98252645People nowadays love the idea of staying fit and healthy. But the problem is that is can be quite a challenge. Dieting, for example, takes a lot of determination and discipline. Those who stay with it enjoy the results of a fit and healthy body.

But no matter how disciplined you are at dieting, there comes a time when you find yourself cheating now and then. Some treats can be quite tempting to pass up sometimes. After all, you are just human. But there are instances where people may cheat on a diet and it is not because they are hungry. There are certain emotional triggers that with lead people to eat something that promised to avoid. Here are some of them.

Venting Frustration On Food

There are people who can get so frustrated that they let it out on junk food. Frustration can make people overeat or eat something they should not. It is a way some people try to vent out the emotion. This is especially true for people who cannot seem to vent out their anger on people. They try to vent it on food instead.

Disappointments In Life

Everyone goes through certain disappointments. The difference is how people cope up with them. Some people simply accept them and go on. Others may not be as lucky. There are people who can get affected by certain disappointments in life. Not getting the job promotion, dashed dreams, infertility, relationship failures- all these can affect people differently. Others can become so disappointed they feel denied of every good thing in life. Some then cope up by not denying themselves of some other pleasures. It turns out that this pleasure can be food.

Too Much Stress

Too much stress can have a drastic effect on a person in many ways. It can also have an effect on appetite. Short-term stress can actually suppress appetite through hormones that the body releases to cope up with the stress. One of the hormones the body releases is epinephrine, which triggers the body’s fight or flight response. This action usually puts eating on hold as a survival response.

But on the other hand, long-term stress can have the opposite effect. It can release more of the hormone called cortisol, which can increase a person’s appetite. This usually leads stressed out people to cope up by overeating. While working on the stress can help bring cortisol levels down, persistent stress can keep the high levels of the hormone steady. This can make more people vulnerable to eating or cheating on their diet.

Exhaustion And Overwork

Getting busy with work to the point of exhaustion can also cause people to become more vulnerable. Some can cope up with the demands, but their time can still become constricted. People can get so busy that they need to do things fast. This can sometimes affect one’s eating habit. Some people will only eat what is there, no longer caring if it is healthy or not. Because of this, any healthy diet may suffer.
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