Keeping Fit This Summer

The summer season is almost upon us and it is time again to head down the beach and wear those figure-showing swimming attire. It is a season where the fit and sexy can flaunt their figures and feel proud about their accomplishments in trying to stay fit. But summer can also be a time for […]

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Tips to Burn Fat Faster

One of the ways to help keep your weight in check is by burning those excess calories and fats. If your body metabolism is high, then you are likely to stay in shape.Unfortunately, not everyone has a high rate of metabolism all the time. But it is a good thing that there are some things […]

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Why Should Kids Avoid Nitrates and Nitrites in Food

There are many food items available in the market that try to cater to your children, but if you read the labels you see way too many ingredients you wonder whether they are natural and should you feed it to your kids. Among such ingredients are compounds ending with “nitrate” and “nitrite.” These two chemical […]

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Tomato The Wonder Food

Proper nutrition should not depend on food fads. While many people easily get into the health food trend bandwagon as a way to stay fit and healthy, there are common foods that many people overlook that may offer the same benefits. One example is the tomato. Many people will not give the tomato a second […]

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Tips for Reducing Sugar Intake

Sugar is considered the main sweetener used in many processed foods. Its sweetness makes cakes and pastries delicious, along with other food products like sodas, candy bars and chocolate. The sweets can become so addicting that people seem to long for it day in and day out. The result is that most people today consume […]

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Common Nutrition Mistakes

When it comes to eating healthy foods, fruits and vegetables take top priority. There are other nutrition rules that people should follow in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. But sometimes, there are certain mistakes that people make when it comes to nutrition. Here are some of them. Relying On Multi-vitamins Many people who think […]

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