Lose It Weight Loss iPhone App

In this age of smartphones, there are many tools people can use to help them lose weight, an example of which is Lose It! Unlike many other similar apps, Lose It! is not associate with any particular diet, making it useful no matter what eating program you follow.

The centers on daily food logs where users input the foods they eat during the day, thus keeping you accountable. Studies have shown that having a food journal helps you lose weight more.

The app also asks for your personal details, including starting weight, goal weight, gender, and height. Simply specify how much weight you would like to lose each week and the app would provide your recommended daily calorie intake. It also indicates how much calories you can still eat throughout the day, minus any exercise you recorded.

Lose It! has a vast and comprehensive food database. Typing “bacon,” for instance, would prompt you to choose whether it is regular bacon, turkey bacon, vegetarian bacon, bacon fat, bacon drippings, etc. It also has close-to-accurate calculations of calories burned on many exercise activities, whether it is curling or canoeing.

The app has social networking capabilities if you create a free account on LoseIt.com, wherein you can add friends, back up your data on the cloud, and check weight-loss reports.

Lose It! is now available on iTunes for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.
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